Wire Stripping Tool – What You Need To Know

by readyrewind
Wire Stripping Tool

Wire stripping will be a crucial aspect of any project that involves electrical work and revolves around safely removing the outer layer of insulation on a wire without damaging it or any other underlying components. 

RS Wire strippers can take the form of knives, pliers or specialised tools, and while a knife can do the job, using a proper wire stripping tool will give the best and safest results. 

Several different wire types might need stripping, and each has its unique approach that should be adhered to. 

Communication wires

These are used for various purposes, such as high-speed internet lines. To strip these small cords safely, it will be necessary to use a wire stripping tool to ensure there is no damage done to the conducting wires during the process. 

Electrical cords

It requires concentration and precision to strip wires from electrical cords successfully. However, with the right tools and sufficient experience, it can still be done relatively easily. Score around the wire sheath with a degree of pressure with the wire stripping tool but avoid cutting right through it. 

Plastic-sheathed cables

To strip these effectively is usually a two-step process. Take a wire stripping tool and have the sheathed cable slid into the notch on the wire stripping tool that matches the wire’s gauge. The tool should be slid and squeezed gently until the wiring has been exposed, and then the individual wires can be stripped. 

Thin wires

These wires are very easy to damage, making it essential to use a wire stripping tool and handle it with great care. 


A wire stripper can come in various forms but will always feature a set of labelled holes that correspond to common wire gauges, generally between 10 and 20 gauges. When the wire is inserted into the right hole, and the user squeezes the tool handles, it can sever the plastic insulation layer precisely without causing any damage to the copper wire. The stripper can then remove the wire insulation in a couple of ways.

It is important to remember that copper wire is normally available in either stranded or solid forms. The former tends to have a slightly larger diameter than the latter, which is there are normally two sets of numbers on wire stripping tools that indicate the sizes of the stripper holes. It is vital to make sure the right set of markings is used for the particular type of wire that is being cut. 

When working with electricity, safety should always be paramount, and you should never try to work with live wires. If there is any doubt, the wires should be tested to ensure they are not live before starting any work.

It is important to purchase a wire stripping tool from a reputable supplier to ensure its quality. 

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